Republican rednecks and Sarah Palin

Republican rednecks: Today on radio I heard Sarah Palin talk about her son being arrested for beating up his girlfriend, but blaming PTSD and President Obama for the young man’s situation, which is preposterous. It’s too bad the Palin family raised their children to such misadventure, but can we not take responsibility for our own actions, without having to blame someone — and without pretending our problems at home belong to the president of the United States? Such moral shirking shames veterans from the Revolution through today. The White Trash Wing of the Republican Party is on bold display this week.

“Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump’s presidential bid”
—headline, The Washington Post

I have been among the many Republicans who have wondered whether Sarah Palin was a victim of partisan abuse, or just a chucklehead who deserved the derision. We no longer need to wonder.


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