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Mark Calitri

Mark A. Calitri

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Mark Calitri founded Connect2win because of his deep belief in helping others win at the game of business, politics, and life. He specializes is making the unconventional, conventional! Mark spent many years interviewing and researching highly successful business gurus and professional athletes including the ‘Hit King’ Pete Rose. He is the President & CEO of VisitOwensboro which is recognized by Sports Illustrated as the #1 sports town in Kentucky. He previously served as President of the Cincinnati East Convention and Visitors Bureau and Clermont Sports Development Corporation. He has successfully authored a children’s book Mr. Jif’s Adventures, based on the real life of Olympic gold medalist and professional basketball player, George Wilson.

For more information on Mark Calitri see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-calitri-06904aa/