Calitri says bigger conventions means higher revenue from hotel tax

The CVB has been pushing for more local tourism, with a focus on bettering Owensboro’s branding, economic development and entertainment venues. Part of bringing more out-of-towners to conventions held at the Owensboro Convention Center is by building more hotels that can hold a higher number of guests.
“We’ve been limited in Owensboro on the size of the conventions we can host,” said CVB President and CEO Mark Calitri. “The convention planners and convention customers will turn us down because they want to stay close to the convention center. The new hotel downtown is going to give us a chance, and we’re already starting to build on business and conventions because of that.”
Calitri and his team have been working to bring bigger conventions to the local area ahead of the finished construction of downtown’s newest hotel.
“We’re starting to put out the feelers. We have to do this two to three year out,” he said. “We can’t start planning when the hotel is finished being built.”
Visit Owensboro is the official destination marketing organization for Owensboro and Daviess County Kentucky. Mark Calitri serves as President/CEO.

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