Annual performance reviews…for dummies

 The Dangers, Destruction & Despair

& How to Stop the Madness

Mark Faustby Mark Faust

Who doesn’t love annual reviews?

Umm, like…everyone?!

Think for a moment as to why you conduct annual reviews. What are the objectives? How successful have they been at accomplishing those objectives? Did you even have objectives set around the process? Have you ever measured their effectiveness and if you did, would the joy and effectiveness rating of the annual performance review process get more than a C- from either the evaluated or from the evaluators? Read more


Secrets to Winning in Turbulent Times

By Mark Faustturbulent times
How do you feel about “your” economy right now? Regardless of whether or not you see it as up or down, is your effort to innovate consistent, or does it undulate with your industry’s economic tide?

In the agricultural world we have been seeing a descent into what has long been expected, a downturn of the ag economy after a long and gilded age. I have had the privilege to speak to some of the most innovative growers in the nation. Their attitude about the opportunity in this downturn is telling, and it reminds me of a Harvard Business School report that spoke of how the best-run companies grow and benefit from economic downturns…the question is how do they do it and what tactics could you model to grow and benefit from inevitable cyclical downturns?

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