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What does “off the record” actually mean and why should I care?

A news reporter may take statements off the record for good reason. The usual good reason is that disclosing the information would jeopardize the source. More off the number Porter takes the information anonymously and conceals it source, but reports it.

A reporter news outlets seldom has good cause to a sept information off the record from a public figure. Such an agreement puts the reporter in the service of the official, co-opted in a deal that prevents the public from learning the facts or issues. The reporter will often agreed to enhance his standing with the official or get advantage over the competition, but seldom to advance public understanding.

Worse yet, been pledged to secrecy, the reporter is in a bad spot if he learns of the story elsewhere, but it still pledge to secrecy. An official can’t affectively spike a story by telling it with the “OTR “pledge.

President elect Trump knows this, and he turned it to his advantage in a recent meeting with top news media people. They excepted the deal, so they cannot relate what happen without the soldering the promise, violating their odd notion of ethics and making themselves stink with the very people from home they are currying favor.

But Trump, himself, is not bound to secrecy. So he trash the room for a journalist, circulating his own version of the events, and left the press fuming and unable to answer. Serious  journalists should not go off the record with public officials!

it’s bad practice for journalist to suck up to elected officials and agree to keep her secrets. It’s part of the pattern of politicians  co-opting the press. Thank of Kennedy. Think of Obama.

The next four years and years to come will be better if the press sheds  it’s symbiosis  with government incumbency. So far, Trump is doing a service by disrespecting the cozy relationships that I’ve been aggrandizing government and dragging the nation down.

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Its fun to spend other peoples money!

It’s elementary to get a bad story behind you. Trump is learning that. But Hillary’s recount call means Clinton Inc. has given up on all future election prospects. Demanding a recount after dicisive vote only helps the winner, and that’s not in question. Her reasoning  well, it’s other people’s money.

by Norman Conquest

Mr. Norman Conquest provides thought provoking political insight with a seriously sarcastic twist.


How the left created Trump in 2016

img_0199Today’s Republicans are like the Democrats of 1960 – wrong in so many ways it’s hard to join them. But today’s Democrats are just damned weird, denying reality as a core principle. In a single month the chattering class went from asking whether the Republican Party is dead  to wondering about the future of the Democratic Party. It’s time to analyze the evolution caused by a revolution. 

by Norman Conquest


We love political sex scandals; there are plenty to choose from – a Top Ten

by Rick Robinson

scandalThe Americans press is all atwitter over the fact that a bunch of United States Secret Service agents and soldiers apparently engaged the services of hookers in a country where prostitution is legal.

Boorish? Yes. Immoral? Definitely. Stupid? Absolutely. The end of democracy as we know it? Hardly.

People love political sex scandals and this recent not-so-secret servicing is getting its fair share of press time. Yet, other than being the basis for future golf jokes (my foursome has more hookers than a Secret Service detail), the scandal does not even make the top 10 of American political sex scandals. In all honesty, a story about non-elected, GS employees cavorting with hookers barely ranks above Jimmy Carter lusting in his heart and way below former Congressman Anthony Weiner cyber-texting his junk.

Truth be told, “Secret Service Gone Wild” is not even the biggest sex story of the month. In a trial starting this week, former Sen. John Edwards will try to convince a jury that being the biggest a-hole in America is not a crime.

So, for purely historical purposes, here are my top 10 American political sex scandals (federal edition).

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Political job opening: Qualified people need not apply!

politics2By Norman Conquest
Both parties, most obviously the Republicans, should be thinking about the bizarre results of our methods of choosing presidential candidates. The Republicans have eliminated several of their best-qualified candidates, and the best candidates among the Democrats would not run, leaving us with the prospect of a demagogue facing a crook.
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