Rick Robinson: What You Should Have Been Looking At While Miley Was Twerking

This column is written by Northern Kentucky author Rick Robinson and originally appeared in The Daily Caller. It reprinted with permission.

Someday in the not-too-distant future, a music writer will author a coffee table book entitled August, 2013, remembering this moment in time as pivotal in the history of pop culture. Glossy pictures of a misunderstood female performer will adorn slick pages filled with lofty praise in tribute to the shift she caused in the paradigm of performance art.

The book will not be about Miley Cyrus’s twerking (for us old rockers, read: dry humping), or what she did with a foam index finger at the annual MTV Music Awards.  Instead, the book will highlight the life and horrendous death of singer Hyon Sung-wol.

A South Korean Newspaper reported that this week North Korea’s communist dictator, Kim Jong-un, executed a dozen members of the Unhasu Orchestra – including Jong-un’s former girlfriend, singer Hyon Sung-wol – as their relatives and musicians from three other pop bands were forced to watch. Following the firing squad, the on-lookers were all sent to concentration camps.

Didn’t catch that story on Entertainment Tonight?

Not surprising.

Which is why the public’s obsession with Miley Cyrus’ twerking instead of Hyon Sung-wol’s assassination may say more about us than it does about the teen idol formerly known to Disney Channel viewers as Hannah Montana.

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On point: Trump vs. Clinton, hold your nose while voting!

By Norman Conquest

hold your nosePrimary voting in Nevada recently dominated the news of the moment. Other than as a barren desert, Nevada should not exist. The Mafia built it, it survives on scarce Colorado River water to the detriment of the Southwest and California, and it seduces visitors with predatory diversion for its keep. America has two generations whose entitlement mentality knows no limit, who emulate vulgar celebrities, and among whom gross obesity and sloth are becoming a norm. Visit a Kroger store, and you find 400-pound young people cruising the cookie aisle in motorized carts. Drug abuse draws more participants than church in some sets, and uncounted legions have no purpose in life whatever. Graph school performance against school costs, classroom size, or staff salaries, and you find a strong negative correlation, while parents complain less about lack of learning than at their children being inadequately coddled. Then we look to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to lead us. We need to think seriously about where we are headed.

Mr. Norman Conquest provides thought provoking political insight with a seriously sarcastic twist.