Red tomato

By Mark Calitri

I’m excited to announce the grass is steadily growing at Clermont County’s newest sports park opening in 2016 at the Red Barn facility in Batavia. We are ready to begin hosting big time sporting events and welcoming thousands of athletes, their families, and the substantial amount of money they will spend in our county.

As part of the construction process the old sewage treatment facility needed to be torn down. While touring the sewage facility I noticed a tomato plant growing in the center of the drying bed, which is where the waste is recycled. On this plant was the largest shiniest red tomato I’ve ever seen. Right in the middle of the sewage something spectacular was thriving and growing.

The moral of the story – waste can makes great things grow and prosper. It’s during life’s toughest challenges and hardships that we are presented with the greatest opportunity for personal growth.

Every challenge we face presents us with an opportunity. We can accept negativity or reject it; we can use challenges to grow and improve ourselves. What challenges or “sewage” are you facing today and how can you turn that into a positive experience? Remember the shiny red tomato.

Mark Calitri is the President of the Clermont County Convention and Visitors Bureau and founder of Connect2win.

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