evel-knievel wonder-woman

by Mark Calitri

Did you grow up in a time with great role models and heroes? A time when people and TV shows portrayed solid values and exemplified reaching higher levels and going farther than we dreamed possible. Did you grow up with Wonder Women and Evil Knievel, heroes who fought for truth, justice, and the American way? They stretched our imagination and spectacularly dared to achieve what was thought to be unachievable? Unfortunately today, polls show the most popular role models and heroes are the infamous celebrities such as the Kardashians and the former Bruce Jenner.

Avoid buying into this false hype and don’t despair. There is a new hero ready to take charge and make our world a safer, better place to live. Who is this potential hero? You are…an ordinary, everyday person doing extraordinary things. You are the hero we need to bring real value to others. The fame of TV stars and celebrities is fleeting, while you are the person to make a lasting impact.

Now don’t worry, you won’t need to buy a motorcycle and start lining up school busses and Walmart doesn’t offer Wonder Women’s lasso of truth or indestructible gold bracelets. The job does however require you to set firm clear firm values, serve others with humility, overcome life challenges, and lead by example.

Why would you want to take on this important role? Because you are going to find that when you lift others up, special opportunities will come your way. Helping yourself starts by helping others first!

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